Reading The Bible

The Bible is the ultimate source of truth for life and Christian beliefs. If you're interested in knowing more about God and His promises, then reading the Bible is your next step.

How do I start?

It's impossible to have a relationship to someone you never talk to. God speaks to us through His word - The Bible. If you find yourself struggling to get into a habit of reading, think about starting with simply 10 MINUTES A DAY. You can spare that right? Reading the word of God for 10 minutes can have a lasting, eternal impact on your life. It will bring you hope, comfort, guidance and encouragement for the issues we face daily.

The Bible can seem to be intimidating

Our hope is that you will develop a habit of reading God's word and spending time with him. An easy way to get started is by S.O.A.P.-ing through scriptures daily. Grab a journal or sheet of paper, choose a Bible reading plan, and start reading.



Underline or make a reference to any verse(s) that speak to you.


What about that passage or verse stuck out to you?


What can you do differently today to apply that observation to your own life.


Journal a prayer to God based on what you learned and ask Him to help you apply it to your life.

The Bible App

The YouVersion Bible App allows you to read The Bible, bookmark your favorite passages, share verses on social networks and much more.