5 Ways God Answers Prayers

Brian Ayers   -  

God is not a genie in a bottle, and your wish is not His command. His command better be your wish.” – Mark Batterson

Sometimes when we pray, we wonder if God hears us because he doesn’t seem to do the things we want him to do. But, God hears every prayer we pray. He loves to hear us cry-out to him!

Here are five ways God might answer the prayers you pray:

  1. No, I love you too much. Sometimes, what feels like an unanswered prayer is God protecting us from something that would harm us if we had it.
  2. Yes, I thought you’d never ask. God loves it when we pray bold prayers. Sometimes the things God wants to give us most are the things we’re too afaid to ask for.
  3. Yes, but not yet. Timimg is everything. And, God’s timing is perfect. Sometimes it’s the right thing but the right time has not come. Will we wait patiently?
  4. Yes, and here’s more. God is a God of abundance. His lack is never the reason we don’t have something. Often God answers prayers in ways that we never expected or in a way that surpasses anything we dared pray for.
  5. Yes, but differently from what you thought.  Our perspective is limited. His is limitless. Often we don’t even know what we need or how to ask for is, so often the answer to our prayer looks different than we expected.

I hope this perspective is helpful to you today!