5 Steps to Hearing God’s Voice

Brian Ayers   -  

Prayer is so much better when it is two-directional! But how do you know what is God and what is just you? So many people ask how to hear God’s voice and how to know if it is really Him. I want to encourage you that God wants you to hear His voice more than you do!

John 10:27 My own sheep will hear my voice and I know each one, and they will follow me.

5 Steps to Hear God’s Voice

1. Adjust Your Pace

A mentor of mine told me “God is not in a hurry.” We live very busy lives and God wants us to slow down. You will never read Jesus doing anything more than a walking pace. Jesus slowed His pace to make sure He kept relationship with His Father strong. One of the key reasons many Christians don’t hear God is their pace. Slow your mind, slow down, and wait on God.

2. Get in Silence

Jesus often snuck away from the crowd to be alone with His Father in prayer. He knew as a many He leaked. The only way for Him to get filled up was to get alone with His good Father. The same is true for us. It is when we separate from the busyness and worries that can consume us, then we are open to hearing His voice.

3. Listen More than You Speak

Have you ever sat down with someone and they did all the talking? Imagine sitting down with Abraham Lincoln and you only had 30 minutes. How much do you really want to spend talking? God is the creator of the universe and the inventor of you! The richest time in prayer is in listening and hearing.

4. Get in Scripture

God is not only speaking now but He has spoken! I read through the Bible every year and every day God shows me new things I had never seen or understood. So much of His plan and heart for your life has been written for thousands of years. I would recommend reading Psalms and the book of John.

5. Obey

Often God is looking for us to obey what He has already spoken. Imagine a basketball player who wants to perfect a half-court shot but can’t make a layup. God has a journey planned for you and there is a step 1 and step 100. You cannot take step 100 until you obey step 1. Obeying God is about trusting Him that the journey that is often dimly lit is a good and leads to life.

I hope you take these steps and pray God opens your ears to hear His voice in your life!